About the founders

AWESOME OUTFITTERS, founded by Jan (left) and Alex (right) in June 2016 in Wiesbaden, is much more than a fashion company. It is the core of our entrepreneurial existence, our passion and above all a creative place of work. From here we passionately design and develop new garments and innovative, sustainable business models. At the end of 2016, TRUEWOODS was successfully launched.

About the label

We are a “green” fashion label with special focus on extraordinary basics, high-quality materials and sustainable production. We´ve founded Truewoods to combine nature and wildlife with fashion in a unique way.

Local production

All products are developed and designed at the TRUEWOODS Department of Forestry and nice Garments Wiesbaden. Our raw materials are produced by selected and certified manufactures all around the globe. After being shipped to Germany, the raw parts are being finished by hand and then packed. This happens in a family business in Frankfurt. In this way we guarantee that every product passes through our hands several times and meets your quality requirements.

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Foresters and fashion

We founders are connected by two major topics, our background as foresters and the passion for fashion and design. Over the years we were always looking for a label that would represent us and with which we could identify ourselves. This unsuccessful search laid the foundation stone for truewoods – a label that integrates all of our interests, our understanding of style and above all a production process we can be proud of. A label for individualists with a sense for nature and design. For adventurers and nature boys who value style and casual appearance at the same time.

Support Your Local Woods

We initiated our afforestation project called Support Your Local Woods (#SYLW)to support regional structures and create habitats for animals & plants as well as recreational areas for humans. For every sold item we plant a tree. It’s as simple as that. In this way, we consistently pursue our path of sustainability, which incidentally has its origins in forestry. In 1713 Carl v. Carlowitz published the standard work on sustainable forestry SYLVICULTURA OECONOMICA. At the heart of this consideration is a conscientious use of resources, so that future generations can also draw on them. Therefore, the implementation and planning of the projects is up to us because we want to ensure the greatest possible transparency and make sure that the entire process corresponds to our visions.

Number of trees planted
The amount of CO2 absorbed


TRUEWOODS® is the idea of Alex and Jan: We are two foresters and make wildlife & nature wearable. Our inspiration: the aesthetics of forests and its creatures. Our claim: a sustainable and regional production. Our philosophy: trust, transparency and a conscientious use of resources – for the environment, customers, suppliers and employees.

Since 2016, we have been producing outerwear for men and women in the Taunus region, made of organic cotton and recycled materials. Timeless cuts, many details and elaborate embroideries characterize our product design. Our motifs were and are no colourless fiction, they are our vision – the colourful vision of Alex & Jan.

We stand for the preservation of unique landscapes and forests. The state of our planet and the way we deal with its natural resources makes us think. Therefore we dedicate our time and know-how to the promotion of rare species and the preservation of habitats of animals and plants: With the “Support Your Local Woods” project, we plant a tree for every item sold.

We are aware of the responsibility we bear as a company. We want to continuously develop and improve – for our environment, customers, suppliers and employees. Therefore, the continuous work on our processes is at the core of TRUEWOODS®.