Social standards

When it comes to sustainable fashion production, one quickly speaks of German or at least European production. We have a fundamentally different view on this, because nothing would be more unethical than to withdraw all production from disadvantaged regions, especially as these produce excellent quality. The approach should be to improve social standards on the ground and to create conditions that make unscrupulous trade possible. A uniform set of rules is needed so that reasonable working conditions as well as working hours and wages can be put into practice. We at Truewoods therefore work together with certified producers and suppliers.


All our fabrics are selected and produced with the greatest care. For all products we use organic cotton, recycled plastics and certified additional materials such as yarns. By using organic cotton, water consumption during production is considerably reduced. Likewise, no genetically manipulated plants are used, which offers the additional advantage that the raw organic cotton is much softer than conventionally produced cotton. Recycled plastics are an immense relief for nature and can be extracted and processed without loss of quality.


The same passion that we dedicate to our products is also evident in our packaging. Our packaging is manufactured for us by one of the most innovative companies in Germany. All materials we use for packaging are fully biodegradable – from the paper and cardboard to the inks we use for printing our packaging. Labels and hangtags are produced by the world’s first Cradle to Cradle certified printing company.